Streetscape: Our Broker-Dealer Workstation


Streetscape: Our Broker–Dealer Workstation

Help grow your business and potentially boost your profits with Streetscape, one of the industry's most flexible and customizable broker-dealer workstations. Streetscape can help increase:

  • Productivity with advisors
    Our single workstation for commission and fee-based business allows you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time building your business.
  • Satisfaction with end investors
    Give your clients better information about their account and provide an enhanced level of customer service. These enhanced interactions can help lead to stronger, more engaged relationships with your investors. They'll also enjoy a premier user experience through myStreetscape, our consumer investor portal.
  • Efficiency with your home offices
    Home offices can be more efficient thanks to automated workflows and access to outstanding third party compliance tools.
  • Your ability to manage risk and compliance
    Use our pre-trade solutions and SunGard's Protegent® suite of post-trade tools to help protect your business from risk. We also give you an efficient and compliant way to help your advisors integrate social media into their practice.

Our Risk & Compliance Hub helps to protect your firm

Our Risk & Compliance Hub helps to protect your firm

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